We first identify a location of interest then find trusted CBOs in that region that have close community ties to work with us. To pick CBOs to work with, we look at:

  1. Risk (robustness of list from an anti-fraud perspective)
  2. Reputation (political / community reputation in terms of trust for the CBO)
  3. Need of audience (whether the recipients are more / less needy than others we can reach)
  4. Reliability (how/where it was gathered)
  5. Quality (data completeness, including poverty related data, and recency)
  6. Potential for scale (orgs that can help us reach >1500 people)

We are already working with 4 CBOS in different regions: SHOFCO, Access Afya, Ghetto Foundation and Carolina for Kibera that have given us access to 98, 000 individuals from different communities. We are also currently evaluating ~40 CBOs.