Given the level of need, we anticipate being able to disburse all funds within the period of the COVID-related downturn, and will expand enrollment as much as able to achieve this.

Currently we have raised ~$5M – enough for ~50,000 households. We are reaching out to and requesting for funds from a number of different sources including private organizations, multilateral organizations, bilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations and people like yourself. Any amount contributed goes a long way in putting food on the table of a vulnerable Kenyan.

Shikilia’s goal is to ensure that as much money as possible reaches the final recipients who need it most, which also ensures that the program is well managed with appropriate monitoring and risk mitigation. GiveDirectly’s comparable cash programs in Kenya have operated at ~90% efficiency, with implementation costs (i.e., costs for enrollment and follow-up staffing, technology, financial management, payment transfer fees, etc.) totalling ~10% of total funding and 90% provided directly to the poor, though the exact efficiency will depend on the total funds raised.