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Shikilia is working in parallel with other government initiatives in Kenya and in the full knowledge of the government. Shikilia includes organizations and individuals with extensive experience working with the government of Kenya’s social protection programs, and there are ongoing discussions on how to maximize the benefits of collaboration. GiveDirectly is also directly obtaining approval in all areas where recipients are being enrolled.

Currently, GiveDirectly is receiving donations and on the hook for effective implementation (and financial liability). GiveDirectly Kenya is a registered NGO in good standing with the NGOs Coordination Board, with annual audits completed by Crowe Erastus; GiveDirectly globally is a US-registered charity (more details on financials here). GiveDirectly has delivered ~$150M USD to low-income households over the last decade, at a ~88% efficiency rate.GiveDirectly regularly updates the Shikilia organizing committee on fundraising and operational progress.

Administratively, Sun Culture is leading the coalition, with different members of the coalition pooling in different capabilities to support Sun Culture.

Shikilia has an organizing committee that is made up of various individuals and organizations working pro-bono to ensure the success of Shikilia by mobilizing funds, creating and coordinating  efficient payment rails,  ensuring the transfer of funds to final recipients, and conducting M &E. These individuals are: Edwin Macharia (Global Managing Partner of Dalberg), Agnes Gathaiya (CEO of Pesalink), Tamara Cook (CEO of FSD Kenya), Ory Okolloh (formerly with the Omidyar Network/ Luminate Group), Mark Laichena (Africa Operations Director of Give Directly), Samir Ibrahim (CEO and Co-Founder of SunCulture), and Lorraine Maina (Tech entrepreneur and consultant). All their bios can be found here. Within the collaboration, each individual organization is responsible for a specific work that they are good at.

Shikilia is directing donors interested in providing funds for cash transfers to give to GiveDirectly, a NGO which has a decade’s experience in efficiently providing cash grants to low-income households in Kenya. GiveDirectly is a registered non-profit in Kenya and the United States, with external audits completed annually in both countries (more financial data here). GiveDirectly has worked with the Shikilia organizing committee team to agree on the targeting and transfer sizing of this cash program. The first recipients for this program were enrolled and received cash transfers in April, with thousands already enrolled.

Shikilia is a collaboration between private sector and non-profit organisations to raise money and advocate for sending monthly cash transfers to low-income households during the pandemic. Shikilia is not a “new” non-profit or new implementer, but rather a collaboration of organizations and individuals with experience in cash program implementation, analysis and research, external engagement, and fundraising, bringing their capabilities to help get cash to more Kenyans.